• The Hirer has read, understands and accepts Chaos and Petals ‘Terms of Use’ for all Soft Play Equipment.
  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that due care and attention is given to avoid damage to the Soft Play Equipment and injury to its users.
  •  The Hirer understands that if at the time of set up the minimum space is not provided that no refunds will be provided for these items and funds will be forfeited.
  • The hirer must provide a Plan B Option (Indoors/Undercover Area) at the time of booking, if requesting to use the Soft Play Equipment Outside. If it is forecasted to rain, or the location is deemed unsafe due to wet/muddy grass areas Chaos and Petals reserves the right to request the Hirer to proceed with their Plan B location. If the Hirer refuses to proceed with their Plan B Option Chaos and Petals reserves the right to cancel the booking and no monies will be refunded.
  • Any damages, losses, or cleaning fees will automatically be drawn from the clients Bond. If any damages, losses, etc exceed the bond amount the hirer will be charged the remaining balance.
  • If the Chaos and Petals team arrives at the event location and is not advised at the time of booking of any stairs or excessive distances that will be incurred to set up the equipment, the staff member on duty has the right to decline the use of the equipment and all monies will be forfeited.