Balloons are very pretty, are amazing and create an amazing party atmosphere!

How long do balloons last for?

  • Latex balloon normally can last from 8hours-10hours in indoor air condition or room temperature. Helium slowly escapes out of them once its inflated. Temperature is one of the factor that affect how long your balloon will float. When collecting helium balloons from us, please arrange it to be collect 1-2 hours away from your event timing. We won't be responsible and replace any balloons that are collected a day or few days before an event. It's always best to put inside a comfortable room temperature but not too cold. As your balloon may start to drop. Please do note that not to release the balloons to the sky as it will harm the environment and cause harm to wildlife. We add Hi-Float solution to our balloons at. It is a solution that are applied on the inside of the balloon to slow down the deflation process. It can extend the life of the balloon by a few more hours. But it always comes down to the temperature, environment and how its being handled.
  • Bubble balloons are long lasting when filled with helium and it can stay afloat for few days or even for a few weeks. It can be filled a day before prior to the event. Bubble balloons does not allow the helium to escape as quickly as latex balloons. However it's also depending on how its being handled and the surrounding temperature and environment. We recommend having the bubble balloon made and delivered on the day of the event to ensure it is presentable and intact as personalised bubbles have a vinyl sticker that could wrinkle. The helium bubble balloon can last for a few days but the wording will start to peel/come off after 2-3 days. Ensure the balloons stay away from any sharp edges such as walls or gates as they can be sliced. We will not be responsible for any mishandling once you have receive the balloon in good condition on delivery.
  • Foil Balloons such as jumbo balloon will float 2 days to weeks, our smaller ones will start to go down after 2 days depending on the environment. 

  • Hot Air Balloons are made up with a 24'' bubble balloon. What makes it different from the Bubble Balloon is that this hot air balloon does not contain helium. It is filled with normal air . It can be filled a day before prior to the event. It can last longer than the Bubble Balloon. Typically 2 days to few weeks, some even longer as from feedback from our customers. However it's also depending on how it's being handled and the surrounding temperature and environment. Again the vinyl stickers on the balloons will start to peel/come off after 2-3 days.

Can balloons be used outdoors?
We cannot guarantee the float time of balloons in unfavourable weather conditions. The balloon will oxides under the hot sun, the colour of the balloon will fade.

After all balloons are still balloons, you still have to take care of the balloon while transporting and placing it at an event. 

  • Store balloons out of light and away from heat to maintain their quality. 
  • Wind can cause balloons to tangle or pop when they are blown into a sharp object 
  • Direct sunlight can cause the colour to fade and ‘oxidise’
  • Heat may also cause helium in the balloon to expand and pop the balloon